Moving In A New Direction

Phone: 757-222-9643

Moving In A New Direction

Phone: 757-222-9643

Committed To Demolition Excellence For 25 Years

Demolition, Recycling, and Abatement services

Committed To Demolition Excellence For 25 Years

Demolition, Recycling, and Abatement services

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The Greatest Commercial Demolition In Norfolk, Virginia

Our team of experts are highly trained with decades of experience operating throughout the state of Virginia. We take pride in making sure your project gets done right and completed on time.

RC Demolition in Norfolk, VA promotes an environmentally friendly method of disposing leftover materials to ensure that they are disposed of at the appropriate locations, prohibits landfill waste, and reduces costs to our customers.

Not only do we have the greatest equipment and the most updated fleet, we also have amazing people working here. We do not just randomly select our workers or heavy equipment operators, but rather go through extensive interviews and a lot of training. Only when we feel someone is qualified to hit the deconstruction site, does he/she ever set foot there.

As a result of that policy, all building demolitions are done in a spectacular and very safe way. Imagine having a reckless crane operator swinging that wrecking ball in the air, damaging other surrounding properties. Not here…everyone is held accountable for every step of the deconstruction process.

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RC Demolition provides a full range of top-notch demolition services, but interior demolition is our specialty. Our expert crew is trusted by business owners, property managers, and contractors alike.


Silt Fence is the most common used fabric for erosion control in residential and commercial projects. If properly installed, it can control sediment from being washed into streams and rivers which result in killing fish and other wildlife.


Asbestos should only be removed with proper equipment by professionals like RC Demolition. The safe removal of asbestos is a large part of the preparation of commercial site demolition.


No matter if your building is 10,000 or 100,000 square feet (or a Giga project with multiple stories) we will take it down efficiently, in a safe manner and in a timely manner.


We rent many sizes including 20, 30, 40 cubic yard open-top roll off containers for residential and commercial clean outs, construction and other projects. As an industry leader, we provide service that is prompt, professional, and courteous.


Is concrete standing between you and the beginning of your project? RC Demo can help you break through and get started.

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Your next demolition is an important project that requires the skill and care of talented contractors. We aim to to be that partner and keep your best interest front and center.

When you work with our team, you're not just another caller – you are treated like family.

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